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Tasha Broomhall

MSc (Psych), Director, Blooming Minds

Drawing on her background in psychology, disability, psycho-social rehabilitation and business, Tasha destigmatises and demystifies the complex issue of workplace mental health in a respectful and relatable yet humorous way. She has delivered mental health and wellbeing programs throughout Australia since 2005 and her work has been recognised at the ICCWA Suicide Prevention Awards and the LiFE Awards for Excellence in Suicide Prevention. Tasha holds a Master of Science (Psychology) and is undertaking a PhD in workplace psychological wellbeing. She is also the founder and editor-in-chief of Blooming Minds magazine and the author of two books and two journals promoting personal and organisational mental health.

Course curriculum

    1. Legal Disclaimer & Requirements

    1. About your Bloomers Membership

    1. Work Health & Safety - Mental Health

    2. Psychological Health & Safety System

    3. Ecosystem of Psychological Health & Safety

    1. Let's Talk About It - Personal Concerns

    2. Let's Talk About It - Performance Concerns

    3. Let's Talk About It - Suicide Concerns

    4. Let's Talk About It - Important to Remember

    5. 5 Strategies to Successfully Work from Home

    6. Leading Positively Through Challenging Times

    7. Listen Loudly to Support Through Challenging Times

    8. Puzzled about Mental Health - Let's Talk About It

    9. Puzzled about Mental Health - Reasonable Adjustments

    1. ECOsystem of Work

    2. Mentally Healthy Habits at Work

    1. Legislation

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